Hi, I'm a Co-Founder & CTO of Lucidminds AI. I currently live in Berlin, Germany but travel often to Amsterdam, Netherlands where Lucidminds HQ is located at.

I'm a socially involved technical entrepreneur who enjoys working with policy-makers in diverse environments and aims to bring smart data solutions with democratic data ownership and privacy concerns in mind.

I'm interested in scratching my head around world challenges such as poverty, income and gender inequality, health care, freedom of speech, global warming and such. With the recent development of technology and data reachability, I believe there are many possibilites to make better and positive impact.

In the past couple of years, I've helped businesses build end-to-end big data infrastructures to get sense of their data, increase data accessibility, scale fast and steer infrastructural costs. While doing so, I respected democratization of data ownership, privacy and algorithmic transparency.

I'm always keen on meeting new people: let's get in touch.